Patriotism is Progressive



Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer discuss their book, The True Patriot, and the progressive movement surrounding it.

Welcome to The True Patriot Network

At The True Patriot Network, our contention is that when you unpack true American patriotism — the idea of country before self — what you discover is a moral framework that goes back to this nation's founding, and that is inherently progressive. Living by such principles as service, stewardship, tolerance, and equality of opportunity, true patriots show that devotion to this nation means working to help America reach its exceptional potential and promise.

Whatever your party, faction, or faith, we hope you will agree that we owe our country and the next generation a more purposeful politics. We invite you to read our book, The True Patriot, and continue the discussion.

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Income Inequality

One of our projects is to develop compelling ways to speak to the American public about the income inequality crisis in our country. We are working with activists, academics, average citizens and invite you to join us.

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The Disappearing Middle Class

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The Inequality Initiative

What can you do?

Many readers of The True Patriot have asked us, "What next?"  They're inspired by the ideas in the book but don't know how to take that inspiration and turn it into action. In response, we've put together a list of ways that you can engage in true patriotism.


Audiobook Is Here!

Now you can listen to authors Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu read The True Patriot. This audio recording is a new way to discover and explore the core American values that define true patriotism. Listen now.

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Praise for The True Patriot

"If you love your country and consider yourself a patriot, this gem of a book is a must read. For decades the far right has staked a false claim on patriotism. As Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer argue passionately and persuasively, it's time to fight back, and they show how we can reclaim a 21st century American patriotism. In short, they remind us that true patriots are progressives -- and that progressive values are truly patriotic."
JON COWAN, President, Third Way